Other Important Information

Some thoughts to consider for package catering orders.


Will you need extra paper goods for your event? We provide paper service for 10% above your head count. Extra paper goods are available for a nominal fee.


Will you need additional Beverage Service for your event?

We provide beverage services for 10% above your headcount. You may need to consider purchasing additional beverages. We suggest ensuring there is a sufficient amount of water bottles available for your guests. Prices can be found in the Hot & Cold Beverage ala carte section.


Providing Your Final Headcount:

When you begin the process of placing your order, if necessary you can provide us with an estimated number of guests. We suggest estimating lower as it is easier to add to your event. We will need a final headcount 48 hours prior to your event.


Tables For Buffet Set Up:

We do not provide tables for the buffet set up. You will need to provide our delivery personnel with tables for your food display. The more ample space provided the better we can arrange your buffet set up. We will work with any space provided. If your event includes hot beverage service we will require table space that can access an electrical outlet.


Set Up Time and Service Time:

In order to have your event start on time we will require a set up time and a start time. Amount of time needed to set up will depend on the size and scope of your event. If your event has crucial time restraints or is for a special purpose, please inform our service representatives when placing your order.


Estimated Amount of Table Space Required: (6-8 Foot Tables)

10-20 Guests – 1 Table

21-40 Guests – 2 Tables

41-765 Guests – 3 Tables

76-125 Guests – 4 Tables