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Items to Consider:

Will you need extra paper service (plates, forks, knives, cups, napkins, etc)? We provide paper service for 10% above your specified headcount with all packages. If necessary, extra paper service is available for a nominal fee.

Bottled water is extremely popular at most catered events. Our delivery personnel often witness participants eager to take water bottles as we are setting up some events. You may want to consider purchasing extra bottles of water, which are available individually or by the case and half case.

Final head count: When placing your initial order you can provide us with an estimated number of participants if you are unsure of the definite headcount. We suggest estimating low, as it is easier to add to a package than to subtract from a package.

Once an order is in the processing stages (48 hrs prior to your event) we cannot make multiple changes to your headcount. If your order is only increasing by 1 or 2 people, it will not affect your order greatly. We provide ample size portions and extra paper service.

Tables for set up: You will need to provide us with table space for your event. The more space provided, the better we can display and set up your event. However, we will work with any space provided.

Following is a guide to help you plan for table space:

10 to 20 guests - 1 table

21 to 50 guests - 2 tables

51 to 75 guests - 3 tables

76 to 125 guests - 4 tables

125 to 175 guests - 5 tables

176 to 250 guests - 6 tables

Delivery personnel arrival: Our delivery drivers go on runs consisting of numerous deliveries. These routes are organized in a manner that helps to ensure all orders will be set up on time.
It is sometimes difficult to guarantee an exact delivery time. If we feel your delivery may be close to being late, we will call to notify you.

If your event has crucial time constraints or is for a special event of great importance please inform our service representatives at the time your order is placed.
Electrical Outlets: If you have ordered coffee service, please be sure to set aside a space with an easily accessible electrical outlet for set up.

Setting up your event: If you plan to have your order set up during a meeting, lecture, etc we will do our best to be as quiet as possible.

Thank You.

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